Turkish Courses Yabancılar için Türkçe

Candelas Academy has prepared highly professional and quality the Turkish Courses for you. 

Our Turkish lessons have been planned to teach you Turkish language in VIP small groups in a short period of time.

You can take these lessons One-to-One, in a class of 2 students or in a class of maximum 10 students. Please consult us for details.

You will not GET LOST in the CROWD, you will not have any lessons lost and you will achieve your goals very fast.

Do not worry! the budget you will keep for our One-to-One lessons will not be much more that a budget you will keep for any class lessons to learn Turkish.

Our prices can’t be beat. In fact, our One-to-One lessons are as economical as some group Turkish courses

You can join our Turkish lessons with your own group of friends if you would like. So, you can take specially designed (tailored) Turkish lessons for your group with special discounts and promotional prices.

If you are too busy and live far away from us, NOT TO WORRY! You can benefit from our Online Turkish Courses. All the materials are provided by us in our online lessons..

Our online Turkish lessons are run in "Virtual Classrooms" by Turkish Teachers and the atmosphere is similar to a real classroom atmosphere.

Turkish courses are according to levels, as seen below. Please check the levels and feel free to ask us any questions, about the lessons or prices, you might have. 

Turkish Courses Levels and hours (Max.10 students in a class)

Elementary A1 & A2:                     60 hours

Pre-intermediate & Intermediate:  80 hours

Advanced Level:                            70 hours


Please contact us for further details and the enrollmet process. 

E-mail: info@candelasegitim.com

Telephone: +90 312 431 78 96

Mobile: +90 505 600 48 21


online Turkish Lessons

Please send an e-mail to us if you would like to have online Turkish Lessons.


E-mail: info@candelasegitim.com

Mobile: +90 505 287 30 01


Turkish courses

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