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I know writing these few sentences do not do justice in expressing how amazing Candelas Center is for quality education. Working at Candelas was one of the best experiences I have ever made in life. I have to admit that teaching English at Candelas was the best job I have ever had. I have widely enjoyed my time working with the incredible team and amazing students.

This international educational center is beautifully decorated, creatively equipped and very well managed. At Candelas students have the advantages of learning English from Turkish and international tutors as well as they have the flexibility of choosing the best times and days for their one-on-one classes. I am obsessed with teaching English at Candelas in Ankara. If life will ever give me a chance, I won’t ever hesitate to work with Candelas again. I am sure this center will achieve even more success in the near future as the delivery of it’s services and quality of it’s education is the best and reputable nationwide.
I'm writing to express my gratitude and appreciation to Candelas International Education. For all my co-workers, you have all done a splendid job in both teaching and managing this institution.
I would also like to thank you for letting me have the great opportunity that was working by your side.
Please know that I am thankful for everything.

With love,
Fernanda Matias
"The incredible team behind Candelas Academy is what makes it such a powerful force in the English language education sector. Being a member of the Candelas teaching team has giving me a new family full of people passionate about teaching and helping change lives. With abundant teacher resources, pleasant working environment and invaluable colleagues Candelas Academy isn't just fantastic to its students but to its employees too!"

kind regards,
Rebecca Ewang
Candelas is different. Rather than putting the teacher in an oppressive hierarchy and pushing 20 students in one classroom to make quick buck - it's the kind of school that is more about atmosphere, flexibility and communication.

In my different careers, and at the different workplaces I've worked at - in Turkey and in other countries - I've rarely had a supervisor as amicable and as easy to communicate with as Akın Demir; the owner of Candelas.

Although one may not expect to find a place like this amidst all the Hans and Gretel-like horror stories that make up the EFL teaching landscape, Candelas is a warm and cozy harbour for weary travelling teachers.

- Joseph P. Eriksson
I have worked at several institutions in several cities in Turkey, and I can state with total candor and honesty that Candelasegitim was and is the most professional teaching institutions that I have had the honor to work at. Were I still living in Ankara, I would still be there.

I can honestly say that I can wholeheartedly recommend it to any prospective student.
Candelas is an amazing place to work. You are given freedom with regards to lesson planning and other team members are inspiring. It is a place where people share ideas, a great environment to work in.
I have been working at Candelas for a year.

There are some excellent teachers in this school. They always want the students to be successful.

In addition, director and the other staffs are fair, supportive and really care both personally and professionally.

With different breakthrough of teaching style, you can always be creative in order to be able to deliver the knowledge to the students. You can always find well equipped classrooms, cozy ambiance and certainly ample resources that can be beneficial for you and students.

In a nutshell, I have had superb time at Candelas so far. I am very fortunate and blessed. No doubt, working with Candelas is highly recommended
Retrospectively; I believe, I am having the best time of my career life here at Candelas, it's been quite a very unique professional journey.
A learning centre like; Candelas is one that, I believe the younger generation would fall far, and crave for.

As a teacher that believes and stands for change I could never have wished or asked for a better place. Am grateful.
Working at Candelas really is a privilege. Not only everybody is professional but they are also very friendly and helpful. In a short while the office becomes your home and the people you work there with become your family. Classrooms are really well equipped and the office is full of resources that you can use in the class. It is a free environment for you to teach in your own style without the usual boundaries of other places. I could never express my gratitude to Candelas for the guidance it has given me both in teaching and life...
Candelas was a great place to work. Everyone in the office was incredibly nice. As a foreigner, they were very helpful. Not only did they care about the quality of our work there, but they also cared about how the students and teachers were doing outside of classes. The team was very helpful and really passionate about the work.

I loved being at Candelas because I worked with the team to set my own schedule. This was great for me and for my students. Working at Candelas was a good way to make money and but it was also a chance to make new friends.
During my time at Candelas Eğitim, I led and assisted with several English courses. The professionalism and dedication of the Candelas team is broadly apparent. I was encouraged to develop my courses and to expand beyond them. Akin and the team are always looking for new avenues of success in education.
I had a wonderful experience working at Candelas. The team was great to work with, and very supportive. The classrooms were very nice, and well equipped with computers, televisions, etc. There were many resources provided, such as language and grammar books, which I was welcome to use whenever I needed to. All of the students were very excited to learn Turkish, which made teaching very enjoyable. Additionally, the pay was very fair. I would 100% recommend being a part of the English teaching team at Candelas!